Hykon is a TVCC product line designed for the specialist.
All Hykon products are conceived to guarantee high performances thanks to state of the art, top-notch components, capable to satisfy most demanding clients in terms of technical features.
Hykon products are designed to operate in borderline exposure conditions, ensuring substantial performance is maintained under both severe low-light conditions and the most extreme contexts.
The quality choice behind the whole array of Hykon products also yields long term durability.
Hykon’s strict and trustworthy commercial policy distinguishes the market players and protects the supply chain, making Hykon the ultimate choice for installers and system integrators who strive to stand out in the market.
Hykon allows to safeguard your promotional and planning activities.

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Bullet Hykon


Bullet Hykon


NVR HYKON 32 canali


Telecamera IP bispectrum Hykon